Referral Process

Wyandotte Center Program Referral Packet (PDF) (8PP, 987KB) (About PDF)

Referral Process
Referral to Madison starts with a student's resident district’s Special Education department. Since the program is center-based and considered restrictive, the student referral process includes a review of less restrictive options in the resident district. When student needs require a center-based program, a referral may be made to Madison. Student profiles, parent questionnaires, resident district IEPs,  assessments and documentation are all included in the intake packet to start the referral process.

Programs we service:
Moderate Cognitive Impairments (MoCI) ages 3-11

Severe Cognitive Impairments (SCI) ages 3-26

Severe Multiple Impairments (SXI) ages 3-26

Instructional focus is based on the common core essential elements of the general education curriculum. These areas include:

- Language/communication/interactions skills

- Readiness and functional academic skills

- Personal care/health/physical fitness skills

- Leisure/recreation skills

- Social skills

- Work behavior skills

- Daily living skills

- Community based instruction

Other programs/services :

- Positive behavior supports

- Transition planning (beginning at age 16)

- Occupational therapy

- Physical therapy

- Speech therapy

- Special Olympics