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The ABC’s of PT,OT

Acronym Alert

AFO - ankle foot orthosis:
Most orthotics are named for the body part that is supported; in this case, an ankle foot orthosis supports both the ankle and the foot and stops just below the knee. There are many types of AFO's, each style having a different purpose and customized to an individual's needs. An AFO can reduce spasticity and prevent toe-walking or it can support a weak ankle/foot and help with heel strike or toe-off.

SMO - supra-malleolar orthosis: Supra means "above" and malleolus is the anatomical name for the ankle bone; this particular brace stops just above the ankle bone, and is most commonly used to promote alignment in a foot that tends to roll inward or outward.

WHO - wrist hand orthosis: This is a type of brace that will support the wrist and hand. WHOs come in a variety of sizes and meet a variety of needs, with some facilitating function while others strictly maintain alignment and prevent contracture.