Spotlight OSupport Staff          
. . . . . Madison School Support Staff is a group of helpful, caring, and responsive professionals who work together to respond to the needs of our students.  Also known as “ancillary staff,” this group is comprised of occupational therapists and physical therapists among other disciplines including speech and language pathologists, psychologists, social workers, nurses, and behavior specialists. 

Occupational therapists provide direct and consultative services that address activities of daily living including personal care, eating, dressing, and use of assistive technology to access classroom programming.  Physical Therapists also provide both direct and consultative services that address mobility, positioning, safety, and adaptive equipment needs that promote access to students’ school environment and educational programming as well.  All disciplines work together to provide educationally relevant services that help our students meet their goals. 

This web page includes a link to profiles on the Madison Program’s physical and occupational therapists with the spotlight on a different therapist each month.  Our “Acronym Alert” link as well which will grow monthly and prove to be a useful reference to commonly used acronyms in the school environment.  There is also a link to “Therapy Tid Bits” where we will share creative strategies for easy implementation in the classroom or at home.”  (All links are located on the right side of this webpage.)